services & prices


English/German ◊ German/English

0,15 Euros per word (for normal texts)
0,25 Euros per word (for difficult texts)
+ compensation for expenses (travel costs, accommodation etc.)

For your translation requirements, please ask me for a cost estimate and
use the following link: contact form.

Private tuition

Adult students:
30,00 Euro/person for 45 minutes + travel costs
(2-3 students 20,00 Euro/person + travel costs)

20,00 Euros/person for 45 minutes
(2 students 15,00 Euro/person)
Tuition takes place in my home.

Language Courses

Complete English conversation language courses at
extremely attractive prices, for your professional
training, e.g. at work, or at home, in Nuremberg
and in the surrounding area.
Length of course and course content are adjusted to
your personal requirements.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate
to contact me via the contact-Formular.